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Boy For Sale Aidan Fox Bottoms For Lance Charger

Aidan Fox walked out, trembling and fearful. He was the property of Master Ballard, and so it was the first time that he was away from him since he was purchased. Understandably, the boys find comfort in their owners. They look to them for protection, nourishment, and guidance. They’re intentionally lost without them.

It was a pleasure for Master Lance Charger to run his hands over Aidan’s body, feeling the fine hairs on his flesh stand up like little soldiers, saluting the powerful man as he looked them over. Aidan stayed as stiff as a board, holding his head up high and his back straight.

Before the other masters came in to witness his work, Master Charger whispered in the slave’s ear, “it’s okay… I got you.” Charger got a deep taste of Aidan’s furry hole, tasting his sweet flavor and feeling the soft, smooth lining of his sphincter on the older man’s finger… a personal privilege before Aidan was to be inspected and bred.

The men entered when Master Charger called for them, making their way around him as he began to take Aidan’s measurements. The silver haired master stood back for a moment to watch them. He found himself unusually jealous, wishing Aidan was his.

Aidan seemed to love being the center of attention, moaning and breathing deeply as they touched him and groped him. Charger’s cock got hard seeing him turned on, eagerly waiting for the chance to finish his assessment.

As he pulled out my cock and prepared himself to fuck Aidan, he tried to imagine how he would feel having Aidan all to himself. He wanted to be sweet to him, to make him feel special and wanted. But just as badly, Master Charger wanted Aidan to see me as his master.

Date: November 16, 2021

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