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TwinkTop Cole Blue Pleases Jax Thirio

Coach Jax Thirio was keenly aware of just how hard Cole Blue was pushing himself. It was clear Cole was becoming more comfortable with him, smiling at his jocks and taking to his touch without reservation. He welcomed the intimacy. And Coach Thirio could tell it was his moment.

Seeing a rise in Cole’s shorts, he gave it a friendly pat. Cole didn’t shy away, seemingly comfortable with his junk being handled by the older muscle daddy. Coach Thirio slowly pulled down the band of his shorts, seeing the white mesh cup of the jockstrap practically overflowing with Cole’s manhood.

The coach took out the boy’s shaft, seeing it extend out even further than he’d imagined it would. It was long, thick, veiny, and pink, glistening in a light sheen of earned sweat. Coach Thirio immediately brought it to his mouth, tasting the delicious nectar of his body, savoring the feel and flavor of his member.

Cole couldn’t believe that such a handsome, muscular man would be swallowing up his cock like that. He’d admired the coach’s smooth, round ass for weeks in his tight lycra shorts, catching a glimpse of just how perfectly it was shaped.

Cole moved the older man to the couch, pulling off his training shorts and getting a close up look at the tan, buttery globes. He tugged on the older man’s cock before dipping his tongue deep between the cheeks. They had a sweaty taste as well, enough to drive the young hung stud wild.

With a little bit of spit on the sphincter, Cole lined his cock up with the coach’s hole, feeling it’s warmth radiate out, as if calling him to go in further.

Coach Thirio arched his back, presenting his beautiful ass to the young top, eagerly anticipating the moment he would break through. His mouth watered, his breath heavy, and suddenly, he felt the smooth, blunt end of Cole’s cock…

Date: November 21, 2021
Actors: Cole Blue / Jax Thirio

Muscle Bear Porn

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