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Men In Suits Franky Fox & Sir Peter Do It

Franky Fox is staying at a luxury hotel known for its personal five-star service. Before heading out the next morning, he orders room service and then heads to the shower. Sir Peter, who works in the hospitality department, delivers Franky’s breakfast while he’s still in the shower. Franky shouts to leave the breakfast and take the $100 tip he left on the bed.

The next morning, Franky calls for a coffee. When Sir Peter arrives, Franky is just wearing a towel wrapped around his waist. That’s when Franky sees the tall, muscular Sir Peter for the first time – and this time tips him $200.

Never the one to be afraid to mix business with pleasure, that evening, Franky calls for some assistance. When Sir Peter arrives, Franky gets straight to the point – holding a wad of cash in his hands, he asks what kind of tip does Sir Peter need to get the full-service experience?!

Date: November 22, 2021
Actors: Franky Fox / Sir Peter

Muscle Bear Porn

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