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Hotel Room Barebacking: Roger Bond & Mark Troy

A fake story by Roger Bond! These boys grow faster every day. My stepson, Mark Troy, is growing up so fast. I know he needs his alone time, but even trying to book two hotel rooms is a challenge now. But I don’t mind sharing a room with him, especially when I’ve been lusting after Mark since I saw him naked in the shower last week. So is it my fault that he got me hard before bed? It was nice that he offered to help me out and not tell his mom. I know Mark’s been playing with the boys on his school team, although he hasn’t had a daddy dick yet. I was happy to see that he was hard, too, when he got undressed. It made it better when he started sucking my cock like a hungry, horny pig. And when I finally filled his ass with my cock, it felt like home. We need to go away together more often.

Date: February 3, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Mark Troy / Roger Bond

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