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Sean Duran Pounds FTM Stud Jesse Diamond

Sean and Jesse cuddle up on a couch, enjoying a quiet afternoon at home. No need to go out or get crazy. Just two sensual, beefy, muscle dudes relaxing and enjoying each other’s bodies.

Sean’s hands move down under Jesse’s waistband, caressing his smooth, firm ass as he continues to lock lips with his scruffy partner. Jesse’s got just a delicate spread of hair collecting at the small of his back and his crack, giving Sean’s fingers a lovely patch of fur to play with.

Jesse’s hands also find their way around Sean’s body, feeling his arms and chest, loving the buttery smooth feeling of his muscles. He loves the way the window light glows on him, making him look absolutely perfect.

The two pull off each other’s shirts, starting to heat up and get ready to take things to a more intense place. When they take off their shorts, it’s all throbbing cocks and warm, wet holes!

Sean dives between Jesse’s legs, lapping at his loins and teasing his knob with his tongue. Jesse opens up for his shaved-headed lover’s mouth, happy to give him a green light and open path to his pleasure center. Sean sucks, licks, and kisses Jesse’s hole, feeling it get ready for a passionate pounding.

Sean lubes up his cock and strokes it rapidly as he gets harder and harder. He can hardly contain his desire. He lifts Jesse up and maneuvers himself beside him as his cock kisses his wet hole. Jesse’s breathing is deep and intense, looking into Sean’s eyes as he subtly nods his head for the big guy to keep going. He wants it badly, but almost feels like he can’t ask for it outright.

Luckily, Sean can read his body like a book. He sees what Jesse needs and is happy to be fortunate enough to give it. Fingering his hole gently, he senses his readiness and moves his cock into position. All it takes is a smooth, steady motion for Sean to slip inside, sending ripples of sensation throughout Jesse’s body.

Jesse moans, practically breathless as Sean moves deeper inside him. Everything about the moment is perfect. And Jesse is hungry to feel his top cum inside him.

Date: March 1, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Jesse Diamond / Sean Duran

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