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Yoshi Kawasaki & Reach Have Dirty Sex

Reach, a lean Japanese jock, asked Yoshi Kawasaki to shave off his bushy pubic hair. Yoshi begins with his electric shaver. Switching to a hand razor to get the last bits, he carefully shaves Reach’s thick black pubes and the fuzzy ring around his hole. He rinses off the remaining shaving cream with a stream of hot piss. After that, it’s time to dominate smooth and horned-up Reach on the sex sling. He stretches out in the sling fingering his cock-starved hole, then Yoshi steps in to plug it full of stiff dick. Reach opens his mouth, wags his tongue seductively for Yoshi to spit on it and pump him harder till he can’t hold back. Splattering his sperm across muscular abs, he rinses off with his own shower of piss. Yoshi licks up the heady mix of piss and cum and snowballs it back into Reach’s greedy mouth.

Date: March 13, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Yoshi Kawasaki

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