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Cain Marko Hammers Fun Size Boy Tom Bentley

Cain Marko knew to knock before entering, but got used to Tom Bentley simply being going. So as he stepped into the room, he felt a flush of guilt as he saw Tom sitting up in bed, working his cock like a well-oiled pipe. Cain looked away politely as Tom quickly stuffed his hard-on into his underwear, continuing to explain that he needed to use the bathroom.

Tom, slightly embarrassed, told Cain he could use his bathroom and tried to sit like maybe he wasn’t clearly stroking his cock. It seemed for the moment both of them were just going to pretend that what happened didn’t just happen. Cain made his way into the bathroom and Tom sat still, flushed and flustered, but still rock hard.

When Cain re-entered the room, Tom got a good look at him for the first time. He’d not checked in with every single contractor, but was somehow surprised to have missed Cain in the lot. He was a tall man who practically came up to the door height! And he was about as wide as well. Cain’s shoulders were massive, even under the blue work suit he was wearing.

Tom and Cain locked eyes for a second. Tom thought Cain was just going to apologize for the intrusion and head on out, but he seemed to linger for a second or two longer than expected. Tom was intrigued, curious what Cain was going to do or say. It took a moment for Cain to break the silence, suggesting he interrupted something fun.

Tom was amused, picking up clearly that Cain was aware of what he was doing… even enjoyed seeing it. The idea alone was enough to get Tom back in full erection. Tom invited Cain into his bed, something the big man was more than eager to do.

Tom struggled to reach up to Cain’s shoulders, desperate to feel his size and strength. Close up, Tom felt absolutely miniscule. Cain’s thick neck pointed down to enjoy the look in Tom’s eyes, watching him size him up and get excited by his frame. Cain works hard to be as big as possible, all for that hungry look…

Date: March 16, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Cain Marko / Tom Bentley

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