Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Luke Connors Thrusts FTM Star Beaux James

Beaux James is relentless in his mission to get fucked. The hot, horny, trans guy is never happier than when he’s full up with a hard handsome jock cock. And looking as jacked and sexy as he does, Beaux is not lacking opportunities.

Luke Connors was thrilled to be able to get close to the blonde stud, knowing how lucky he was to be able to strip off his clothes and have Beaux suck his cock. Granted, Luke is special in his own right.

With sweet, boy-next-door looks and a lean, tall body, Luke is already quite the catch. But Beaux was in disbelief when the cute guy pulled off his shorts and let his enormous, wrist-thick cock out of his underwear.

Beaux’ fingers just barely touched each other as he gripped around Luke’s member, taking it from the base as he attempted to take several inches down his throat. Beaux made a valiant effort, but there was more of Luke than his mouth could handle!

Luke gave his partner a rest, seeing him struggle to take him all down. Luke put Beaux back on the bed, spreading his legs apart to give him a little bit of focused pleasure. Beaux loves sucking dick, but he can’t deny how good it feels to have a hungry, wet tongue work over his loins.

Luke delivers an expert blowjob to his muscular partner, sucking on his hard dick and lapping at his hot hole with passion and purpose. He wants to worship Beaux’ body and make him feel amazing. And he doesn’t hold back to bring Beaux to the edge of climax before putting his cock back into the equation. And when he does, he doesn’t disappoint!

Beaux’ hips have to practically dislocate in order to take just the first inch of Luke’s monster member, but he lays back and takes it, begging for Luke to dive deeper and deeper in with each thrust.

Date: March 16, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Beaux James / Luke Connors

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