Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Daddy Shusaku Hammers Kenchi

Daddy Shusaku and his boy Kenchi relax on the bed in their traditional fundoshi. When Shusaku pours out a warm stream of massage oil onto Kenchi’s lean muscles, formality explodes into passion. Daddy’s hand creeps under the fundoshi pouch onto the thick bulge of Kenchi’s cock and nuts, and his lips and fingers explore every inch of his handsome boy. He pulls out his own stiff dick and beats it against Kenchi’s as he tweaks the boy’s nipples.

Mouths meet in a hot kiss as Shusaku lightly edges Kenchi’s swollen dick. He alternates between tender massage and sensuous stimulation, sucking and licking Kenchi’s nutsack and muscular ass. Sexual tension rises to a boil with Kenchi’s sharp moans of passion. Shusaku slides his raw cock slowly in to the depths of Kenchi’s hungry hole. He pumps in intently, lets the boy climb on to feel every inch of his thrusts. With low deep cries Shusaku plants his seed into Kenchi, cements their loving encounter with every spurt of hot juicy cum.

Date: March 22, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Kenchi / Shusaku

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