Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Legrand Wolf Barebacks Blake Ellis

Mr. Myles Landon looked over at his nephew as Dr. Legrand Wolf began to feel him up. Blake Ellis was wearing nothing but a jockstrap as he was examined, splayed out and exposed. He loved seeing his nephew like this. He loved his beautiful, smooth, muscular body and sweet, boyish face. Of course, nothing compares to his thick veiny cock.

Dr. Wolf was not being shy about grabbing it, feeling his balls and stroking his shaft. It was very clear what the handsome doc wanted, and Mr. Landon was very happy to give it to him. While he was not Blake’s father, he felt a lot of paternal affection for him. And maybe because of this and not despite it, he was eager to see the professional open up his boy.

Dr. Wolf turned Black toward him, facing him belly down so his mouth was perfectly positioned with his massive bulge. The ginger doctor whispered to Mr. Landon to get his boy ready, something the uncle was more than happy to do.

Mr. Landon looked at Blake’s perfect butt, round and smooth, covered with the lightest and softest of peach fuzz, imperceptible to the eye but undeniable as his fingers caressed their shape. Blake let out a deep exhale, feeling the familiar hands move up his backside and spread his cheeks apart. He would have been lost in that sensation, feeling his uncle’s warm breath creep into his crack and tickle his hole, but he had a bigger, more pressing matter in front of him.

Dr. Wolf lowered his pants, showing a pair of underwear that was nearly at the breaking point trying to contain the older man’s enormous member. Blake could see it was heading downward toward the knees and was likely only stopping because of the tight, constricting underwear. He reached out a hand and pulled the concealed cock from its containing, watching with awe as it popped free, standing outward, just an inch or two from his mouth…

Date: March 22, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Blake Ellis / Legrand Wolf / Myles Landon

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