Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Legrand Wolf Barebacks ScoutBoys Jack Bailey & Marcus Rivers

Scoutmaster Legrand Wolf couldn’t quite believe his eyes when he went to the other side of the campsite and found Jack Bailey & Marcus Rivers going at it hammer and tongs! Marcus and Jack had said they weren’t feeling well enough to go hiking that morning and the scoutmaster had made the somewhat altruistic, last-minute decision to stay behind at base camp to keep an eye on them.

There was a brief moment when Legrand felt a little angry with the two boys for trying to pull the wool over his eyes, but this sensation was rapidly replaced by a feeling of unbelievable horniness as the scoutmaster watched Jack hungrily sucking his friend’s rock hard dick! It looked like the young scout was doing a pretty good job and Legrand suddenly found himself eager for a piece of the action…

The scoutmaster hovered at the entrance to the tent for a few moments before brazenly entering the space and demanding that the two shocked boys get to work on his dick. Relieved not to be in trouble, Marcus and Jack were only too happy to oblige. They excitedly removed the scoutmaster’s pants and were shocked by the enormity of his meat.

Legrand asked the boys which of them wanted to take his big dick first and Marcus was quick to volunteer. Moments later, Legrand was plowing the boy from behind and Marcus was gasping and screaming, riding the crest of a wave of pure pain and pleasure.

Not satisfied with just banging one of the boys, Legrand pulled his giant tool out of Marcus and thrusted it into Jack, whose eyes bulged in shock. For the next few minutes Legrand shared his dick equally between the two boys; lining up their tight, quivering holes so that he could slide effortlessly from one to the other.

Marcus was the first to blow his load, spraying thick ribbons of spunk over his thigh as the scoutmaster continued to bang him with brutality. Seconds later, Legrand followed suit, filling the boy with his juices before pulling out and completing his orgasmic explosion inside Jack.

Date: March 22, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Jack Bailey / Legrand Wolf / Marcus Rivers

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