Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Cain Marko Bottoms For TwinkTop Tyler Tanner

Coach Cain Marko has had his eye on new boy Tyler Tanner ever since he transferred to the school. The boy’s a gifted sportsman but he’s also as cute as a button and plainly fascinated by older men.

It doesn’t take the coach long to seduce the boy. A few loaded, lingering glances are all it takes to get Tyler blushing and having uncontrollable hard-ons on the baseball pitch.

Marko takes the plunge one evening after practice and invites the boy back to his office to discuss team tactics. Of course, within minutes, they’re making out. Tyler has developed something approaching an obsession for his beefy, muscular coach and leaps at the opportunity to take things from fantasy into reality.

They kiss hungrily, passionately, desperately. This inexperienced boy wants his coach real bad.

Marko instinctively realizes that this is the boy’s first time, so takes things slowly to begin with, dropping to his knees and allowing Tyler’s stiff dick to slide into his mouth.

The experience instantly blows young Tyler’s impressionable mind. He wants more. And what’s more, he wants to take control.

Some sort of basic sexual instinct takes over and Tyler throws the coach onto all fours, immediately getting his hungry tongue pressed into the older man’s hole. Moments later, his raw dick follows suit. He’s astonished by how tight the coach’s ass muscles feel as they squeeze his virgin shaft.

The boy is thin, slight and quite short. He climbs onto the coach’s enormous muscular and masculine body and ruts him like a horny lap dog taking on a mastiff! It’s a remarkably sexy sight. These two guys are into each other big time and they bang like they mean it!

Tyler holds back for as long as he can, but the semen is soon gushing uncontrollably from the tip of his dick. He cums heavily, deep inside his coach.

Date: March 29, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Cain Marko / Tyler Tanner

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