Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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TiwnkTop Jack Andram Pounds Draven Navarro

Coach Draven Navarro is one heck of a red-blooded male! He’s a real busy man, but there’s always time to think about sex! He loves watching a boy transitioning into manhood, observing that rush of confidence they suddenly gain when they become the master of their own bodies and start to understand the sexual power that lurks inside them.

Take Jack Andram, for example. A year ago, he was a skinny, uncoordinated runt. Now he’s the best pitcher on the baseball team. Why? Because Coach Navarro encouraged him to change his diet and got him hooked on visits to the gym. The change in him is staggering… distractingly so!

Navarro is giving Jack one-on-one coaching to get him back to peak fitness levels after a long winter. They’re in the coach’s office, the door is locked and it’s all getting a bit intense.

There’s no real build up. One moment, Jack is doing stomach crunches. The next, both of them are entirely engulfed by an irrepressible urge to make out!

First kissing, and then Navarro is on his knees keenly servicing Jack’s impressive dick. Navarro has never seen anything as big on a guy of Jack’s build and height. It’s gotta be eight inches and it’s so hard it almost touches his stomach when he’s standing up. Navarro wants to feel it inside him.

He pushes Jack down on the couch and lowers himself onto the boy. The sensation is extraordinary, Navarro feels like he’s being torn apart, but it’s addictive. He wants more of it, and, as his ass relaxes, it starts to feel as though Jack’s dick has been tailor-made purely for his profound pleasure!

Date: April 11, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Draven Navarro / Jack Andram

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