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Diego Reyes & Franky Fox – Breeding In Elegant Suits

When Diego Reyes is apprehended for allegedly falsifying votes in city elections, he immediately asks to speak with his lawyer Frankly Fox before making any statements.

When Franky comes into the interrogation room, he finds his client highly agitated and anxious. But while Diego claims his innocence, Franky doubts him and tries to get Diego to trust him with the truth. Remember, their conversation is safe through lawyer-client privilege.

As it turns out, Diego did alter the results of the elections, and he collaborated with his party to do so. Being found guilty of election fraud is a crime that comes with hefty fines, imprisonment, and a certain end to one’s political career. A cost too high for Diego! Therefore, if he wants Franky to get him out of this predicament, it will cost him. He’ll need to take it from and give it to the best lawyer in town or… else!

Date: April 12, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Diego Reyes / Franky Fox

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