Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Jack Dixon Plows Danny Wilcoxx & Cole Blue

Danny Wilcoxx & Cole Blue had spent all day together hiking and horsing around, so it was a much welcomed moment when they had the chance to get back home and shower. Danny spent a good long while feeling the hot water rush over his body, playing with himself a little before he remembered that Cole was waiting for his turn.

Danny slipped out into his room to dry off, thinking he had a little bit of time to maybe jerk off and finish what he started. But Despite Cole’s larger size, he was in and out in a minute! Danny was still finishing toweling himself off when Cole came in, similarly wet and undressed, covered by just a towel.

The two had never been naked together before, so it was a quiet, tense moment as Danny dropped his towel and began to finish off his body.

“…You got a pretty big dick,” Cole muttered out. It was almost under his breath, an expression of his appreciation but without the full throated conviction of a come on.

Danny continued to put on his underwear, trying to stay cool and calm as if it was no big deal for his friend to see his junk. But when Cole dropped his towel, it was hard for him to hide his shock on his face.

“So do you,” he replied, unable to not return the compliment.

Danny was unaware that he’d stepped a little closer, trying to get a better look; that is until Cole was able to reach out his hand and grab the swelling bulge in his underwear.

The two were playful, innocent, and slow as they began to explore each other’s cocks. Danny dropped his underwear down, now fully erect at the sight of his beautiful friend aroused. Slowly and patiently, they moved in even closer, practically skin to skin, admiring their hardening cocks.

A glimmer of light caught Danny’s eye and he looked down to see Cole was precumming quite a bit! Danny hesitated for a moment, not knowing if he should do what he craved deep down in his gut. But he remembered his daddy telling him to take more chances and be braver and bolder. And at that moment, fortune definitely favored the brave!

Date: April 16, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Cole Blue / Danny Wilcoxx / Jack Dixon

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