Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Jax Thirio Enjoys ScoutBoys Tom Bentley & Cole Blue

Scoutmaster Jax Thirio has been boning Scout Cole Blue for some time now. Cole confessed the other day that he’s been having a recurring dream about them doing a threesome with his best friend, Tom Bentley. Cole is too scared to approach Tom with the idea, but the Scoutmaster promises he’ll find a way to make the kinky dream come true…

Thirio finds Cole and Tom alone in their tent one afternoon and seizes the moment, engaging the relatively innocent boys in a conversation about masturbation and offering to give them a few tips.

Before long, all three are excitedly pulling out their big, juicy dicks and within minutes they’re a crazy, seething, sexy mass of sucking, kissing, frotting and jerking! Scoutmaster Thirio can’t work out which of the two boys he wants the most and which one he’s going to take first.

He gets them on their knees, side by side, and adeptly uses his probing tongue to tantalize the teenaged twinks until they’re gagging for his dick. Thirio slowly slides his eight-inch snake into Cole’s tight ass before banging the boy with energy, speed and great panache. He pulls out and plunges himself into Tom, who tenses up initially, then relaxes entirely, allowing Thirio to build up the pace and depth of his powerful thrusts.

The Scoutmaster lies on his back and encourages Tom to climb onto him and ride him like a bucking bronco. Thirio, carried away on a wave of pure ecstasy, bones the boy mercilessly and uncontrollably. Orgasm is inevitable and he cums hard and fast, deep within Tom. Cole, watching keenly, is instantly tipped over the edge, and sprays a huge load across Tom’s lower body.

Date: April 17, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Cole Blue / Jax Thirio / Tom Bentley

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