Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Fun Size Boy Danny Wilcoxx Bottoms For Cain Marko

“Anything I can do to help?” Danny asked. His voice was timid, only the slightest bit shaky, but clearly overcoming fear with bravery. “Can we fuck again?” was what he really wanted to say, but managed to not come off so desperate.

But he wasn’t fooling anyone. Mr. Marko’s cock instantly got hard, knowing that his plan had worked. Fortunately, it was stuffed into his workman’s outfit so it didn’t give away the game. He told Danny to grab a tool and come over to help him under the sink.

Mr. Marko could barely get out from under the tabletop, so it was actually helpful to have Danny be able to grab things for him. But more than anything, he loved when Danny straddled on top of, putting his little legs around either side of him, sitting right on his swollen cock.

Mr. Marko put a hand on Danny’s butt, filling his palm with the entirety of Danny’s backside. Even knowing how plump and juicy the boy’s butt was, It was like a perfect fit in the giant’s massive grip.

Mr. Marko got up and got Danny on his feet. Standing side by side, he was amused that Danny barely came up to his chest. In order to give him a kiss, he had to pick him up entirely, lift him up off the ground, and cradle him in his arms!

Danny didn’t mind, though. He loved being high up in Mr. Marko’s arms, feeling his body against his epic chest, desperate to get him out of his work outfit. But to start, he took off his own shirt.

Mr. Marko ran his hands all over Danny’s smooth torso, pressing him close against him while also leaning in to kiss him deep. Danny had to twist his head around behind and up to reach, but he was happy to be in the ginger giant’s embrace again.

Mr. Marko pulled Danny’s pants and underwear down, giving him a view of the perfect, pale peach Danny had hidden away. It looked even better in the bright light of the kitchen compared to the dark basement. He could appreciate just how pink and tight Danny’s hole was, knowing how adept it was at taking his thick daddy dick. And knowing it was about to again…

Date: April 24, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Cain Marko / Danny Wilcoxx

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