Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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tiwnkTop Myott Hunter Tops Cain Marko

Myott Hunter certainly knows how to get horny older men begging for his dick. He’s been into daddies for as long as he can remember and knows he can reel them in with those innocent, puppy dog eyes and sweet demeanor.

His penchant is for muscular, older dudes and his current obsession is with Coach Marko, who, he thinks, might just be the sexiest guy he’s ever met! Tall, growly, built like a tank with arms covered in sexy tattoos, the coach is Myott’s dream-come-true.

The boy goes for the jugular, pulling out all the stops and flirting with the coach until the older man is putty in his teenage hands.

The inevitable happens in Marko’s office one night after training. The coach sits down next to the boy and seductively runs his hands up and down his quivering, expectant body. Within seconds they’re kissing; tenderly at first and then with irrepressible, uncontrollable passion.

Marko wraps his manly lips around the boy’s swollen dick and sucks him so tenderly that Myott’s entire body begins to tingle.

But Marko wants more. He gets on all fours and presents his ass to Myott like some sort of sexed-starved, silver-backed gorilla. Myott instantly buries his face deep into the coach’s enormous, muscular ass.

Before long Myott is banging his coach with all the strength he can muster with his skinny frame. Marko grips the boy’s rock hard dick with his brutish ass muscles. The boy yells, engulfed by wave after wave of pure, orgasmic pleasure.

Myott fights the urge to cum. He doesn’t want this beautiful, intense, erotic experience to end, but it’s already too late. He can feel the semen rising inexorably in his balls, and then shooting up his shaft and out of the head of his dick like a bullet from a gun, deep into Coach Marko.

Date: April 24, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Cain Marko / Myott Hunter

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