Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Amateurs Kaleb & Oliver Do It

Hairy amateur, Oliver, is taping his first session in front of our cameras and Kaleb is there to show him the ropes. Real ropes may be in the future, but for now these two hot Aussies are going to focus on all the body’s holes and how to use them for pleasure!

Kaleb takes Oliver into his arms and they start making out. No ordinary kissing, mind you, but deep, passionate kissing that could go on forever. Both boys are moaning and groaning as they probe each other’s mouths with their hungry tongues.

After a good long make-out, it’s time to check out a different way to use the mouth hole. Kaleb has a huge grin on his face as Oliver starts to suck his hardening dick. At first it’s through the underwear but quickly the beast comes out and it’s bigger than Oliver was expecting!

Will he be able to take it down his throat? Of course! Kaleb can tell this is getting him close so it’s time for new exploration.

And now Kaleb is ready to show Oliver the best way to finish this lesson. He lines the tip of his rock-hard cock up to Oliver’s hot hole and plunges deep. This may be Oliver’s favorite hole of all! Kaleb’s long thick dick is sending shockwaves of pleasure through Oliver’s whole body! It can’t be long now until someone is gonna shoot!

Date: May 17, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Kaleb / Oliver

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