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Connor Taylor Barebacks Greg Riley Again

Everyone’s favorite ginger-haired delivery boy, Connor, is back in town, this time delivering breakfast to one of his best clients, Greg. Greg is a muscular DILF with a shaved head and a stubbly face and Connor always looks forward to delivering food to his swanky house. There’s always something pretty special on offer in lieu of a tip…

As usual, the door is open and Connor is able to walk straight into Greg’s sitting room. As usual Greg is half naked and, as usual, he doesn’t have any cash on him; they’ll have to figure out a more inventive way for him to pay for his breakfast.

Moments later, Connor has his big, horny dick half way down Greg’s throat and the older man is sucking it like his life depends on it. Connor is in a particularly dominant mood, ordering Greg to take off his clothes and get on all fours. Connor immediately shoves his face between the older man’s boulder-like ass cheeks and sticks his tongue deep inside his tight hole. Connor knows Greg’s gonna take a real hard and that sexy butt of his will need to be very well-prepped.

Connor is soon sliding his dick in and out of the older man, who squeezes his ass muscles to give Connor the curious sensation that his dick is somehow being pulled into Greg’s muscular body.

Connor’s strokes are consistently slow and deep. He grabs his phone and films himself penetrating the older man. He’s built up quite a collection of mini-movies over the years and enjoys watching them back when he’s alone and horny.

The phone is thrown down as Connor winds up to the grand climax. He pulls out just in time and sprays Greg’s back with a thick coating of pearly-white cum. Greg can consider his food well-and-truly paid for!

Date: May 17, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Connor Taylor / Greg Riley

Muscle Bear Porn

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