Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Two Spaniards Do It Raw

BEAUTIFUL couple in Spain invited us over to see their apartment, claiming to have a bar reminiscent of THE QUEEN VIC from EASTENDERS. Obviously we knew they wanted to show off more than their rooms and couldn’t wait to expose their cock and ass to us. Didn’t take them long to show us to their bedroom. SOO SOO much passion was so hot just watching them kiss and touch each other, with some dominating power play in action – was amazing to see just how intensely into each other this couple was.

Both had great cocks and bodies, dirty verbal too! They even taught me a bit of Spanish. PUTA! NOT to mention how horny they got with the idea of people watching!! As if us filming wasn’t enough – the blinds and curtains were pulled back in full view of their NAKED SWEATY BODIES! They fucked all over the apartment – making we saw every inch of their place before finally taking us over to the pub for a couple of shots – CUM SHOTS. And here in Spain, they do NOT do half measures and completely drenched each other, the floor, the bar top and me with cum dripping frantically from their throbbing cocks. Then as a toast filled up one of the glasses and tossed it back, swallowing every drop. I remember the last time we met suck sexy confident horny guys.

Date: May 22, 2022

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