Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Masonic Boy Austin L Young Rides Dale Savage

Austin L Young has proved himself to be a brave, discrete, and intelligent young man. The grandmasters believe he will make a fine member of the Brotherhood.

He’ll experience extreme pleasure during today’s anointing. He’ll feel the respectful, erotic touch of Grandmaster Savage. Every inch of Austin’s body will ache for the older man and he will long to feel Savage’s penis deep inside him.

Savage’s large hands are warm and masculine. He covers them with sacred oils and runs them suggestively over the boy’s back, legs, feet, and butt.

Savage slowly strips out of his pure white suit and tie. His large dick bulges impressively in his semi-transparent boxer shorts. He runs his slippery palm over Austin’s excited penis. Thick pre-cum oozes through the fabric of the Grandmaster’s underwear. He pushes his shorts to the floor and slowly sinks his huge, raw dick into the boy’s clam-tight hole.

Grandmaster Savage starts to pound the boy with all his might, gritting his teeth, face reddening with pure exertion as he brutally thrusts his manhood into Austin’s innocence.

Savage pushes Austin onto his back and thrusts his dick back into the boy’s welcoming ass, staring down at his smooth, yearning body and wide, trusting eyes. Austin starts to jerk himself off.

Seconds later, the semen flies out of his dick. The sight of the boy bursting orgasmically sends the Grandmaster over the edge. He instantly explodes deep inside Austin’s body, his thick daddy juices gushing into the boy’s loins like a train whizzing through a tunnel.

Date: May 26, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Austin L Young / Dale Savage

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