Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Tyler Tanner Dominates Myott Hunter Again

Now that Myott Hunter understands how it works in the dungeon, he decides to live out the fantasy. Tyler Tanner is glad Myott is getting into the swing of things. That makes bondage play all the more fun!
After tying nearly-naked Myott’s hands to the overhead poles, Tyler pushes a ball gag into Myott’s mouth and leaves the room.

Myott gets into the vibe once Tyler re-enters. Naked except for his leather harness, Tyler is now the dominator and will do as he pleases. He removes the ball gag so he can kiss Myott. As the submissive one, Myott knows that begging is part of the play, so in-between the hard, fast mouth play, Myott pleads to be set free. But Tyler can see that he’s coming around to the idea of being a slave.

Myott’s surprised by the whole scene and how much he’s into it. He didn’t realize much pleasure could come from handing this much control over to someone else. Even as he hears himself pleading to be released, deep down, Myott wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. He wants Tyler to tease him, use him, and breed him. And as time goes boy, he realizes his pleas are now lies.

Tyler’s rock-hard dick shows he’s into it as well. Kissing is a great start, but this dominator has a lot more planned for this sub. Tyler chuckles to himself; Myott has no idea how much pleasure he’s about to get!

Date: June 6, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Myott Hunter / Tyler Tanner

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