Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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FTM Star Ari Koyote Barebacked By Tyler Tanner

Tyler Tanner’s been excitedly waiting for this. Ari Koyote is so sexy and, as one of our very popular FTMMen, can give Tyler something unique: his first experience with man-pussy!

They begin with a hot make-out session where they explore each other’s hot bodies. Tyler’s twink physique and Ari’s hot and hairy bod go so well together! As clothes come off, Tyler loves running his hands through Ari’s fuzzy chest and the treasure trail that promises even more fun ahead!

Ari and Tyler lose their jeans and Ari lays back on the bed, giving Tyler full access to his bonus hole! Tyler gently strokes the man-clit and Ari starts to moan. The combination of tongue and finger-fucking sends shocks of pleasure all through Ari’s manly body. Tyler really goes to town giving his FTM fuckbuddy everything he’s got!

Ari trades places with Tyler and blows him fully hard. Tyler’s now ready to plunge into Ari’s extra entrance with the passion of a man in total heat!

Ari’s deep voice eggs Tyler on. Faster! Deeper! Tyler’s shaven cock looks so beautiful pumping in and out of Ari’s hot, wet pussy. Ari hears that catch in Tyler voice, the sexy sound of a man about to cum, and encourages his dick-wielding fuckbuddy to fill his manhole! Tyler’s about to lose control

Date: June 22, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Ari Koyote / Tyler Tanner

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