Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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MasonicBoy Marcus Ryan Bottoms For Legrand Wolf

Grandmaster Legrand Wolf was wearing the ceremonial mask when Apprentice Marcus Ryan tentatively entered the dark room. Marcus couldn’t believe how tall the Grandmaster was and the power and magnetism he seemed to radiate.

Wolf gently caressed Marcus’ soft, trembling face before casually ripping off his shirt and tie and throwing them to the floor. A bolt of fear shot through Marcus’ body.

The Grandmaster stood behind Marcus and ran his large hands seductively over what felt like every inch of the boy’s body. Moments later, Marcus felt himself being picked up and placed him on the ceremonial table.

Marcus was not expecting him to suddenly scoop him up in his arms and kiss him passionately. The boy’s beautiful cock instantly started to bulge uncontrollably. His lips melted into the Grandmaster’s and he started to buzz with an almost desperate desire for the older man.

Marcus was soon entirely naked and lying on the table on his back while the fully suited grandmaster carefully positioned him in readiness for penetration. Seconds later, Wolf was lining up his massive weapon with the boy’s hole. And then, just like that, the Grandmaster started to push himself inside. He could tell that Marcus was nervous and tight as all hell, but, inch-by-inch, he fed his meat into the boy.

Marcus groaned in deep, deep satisfaction. Wolf was far inside him, pushing his enormous meat nut-deep into the boy with increasing force and passion. An intense, orgasmic sensation suddenly roared through Marcus’ body like a high speed train. Wolf immediately started to pound Marcus with brutal force before spraying a huge, wet load deep into the boy.

Date: June 22, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Legrand Wolf / Marcus Ryan

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