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FTM Chance Hart Gets Barebacked By Tommy Deetz

These two hot guys have more ink on them than a newspaper! Chance’s broad shoulders fill his t-shirt while Tommy’s thinner body says twink ready-to-go! Little do we know, one of these hot and horny guys has a surprise; a bonus hole ready for fucking!

They passionately make out for a long time until Chance decides he’s got to have his pussy eaten out and takes off all his clothes. Tommy squats next to the bed and zeroes in on his intended tongue target; Chance’s hard-yet-sensitive manpussy!

Tommy’s tongue flicks back and forth, sending waves of pleasure rippling through Chance’s hairy tatted body. Tommy takes Chance’s manclit on a long ride, and Chance’s moaning is likely to wake the neighbors!

Tommy’s got a surprise as well. All this pussy-play has gotten him hard as a rock and ready to fuck! Tommy’s dick is long and lean and wants to take the plunge. He sword-fights a little with Chance’s hard clit and then slips easily into Chance’s extra entrance. That pussy is hot, wet, and slippery: just what Tommy loves!

He pumps and pumps, plunging all the way to the hilt so Chance’s man-clit gets tickled by Tommy’s pubes. This fuck is sending our FTM stud into orbit!

Date: July 21, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Chance Hart / Tommy Deetz

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