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Myott Hunter, Cole Blue, Jack Andram, Tyler Tanner, Cain Marko & Legrand Wolf

Coach Marko certainly takes his responsibilities seriously. He knows that winning only happens when the boys on his team are in peak physical condition. So, when Doctor Wolf discovered that one of Marko’s boys, Myott, was under-performing as a result of pent-up sexual frustration… well, it was up to the coach to find a solution…

He wasted no time whatsoever, immediately dropping to his knees and pulling down the boy’s jockstrap. Myott was already hard when his dick entered the coach’s inviting mouth. Seeing the uber-sexy DILF with his soft lips gently sliding up and down Myott’s swollen shaft entirely blew the boy’s mind!

Coach Marko dwarfed Myott in every conceivable way, yet he was soon kneeling down on all fours, eagerly presenting his hairy, muscular butt to the boy, who quickly had his hungry tongue rammed as far up inside the coach’s hole as he could get it!

Seconds later, Myott stood up and posted his bulging dick deep into Coach Marko, who let out a low, satisfied groan. Myott was soon banging him with speed and aggression; finally beginning to alleviate months of pent-up frustration.

Marko rolled onto his back and the boy continued to pound him. Banging the coach like that made Myott feel dominant and powerful and he speedily ordered Coach Marko onto his hands and knees so that he could hammer him with unrelenting force.

Date: July 21, 2022

Muscle Bear Porn

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