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Leo Bacchus Bottoms For Sir Peter

If Sir Peter is going to be lured away from his loving partner, then he’s really going to need a good and worthy temptation. A man—a true man—like Sir Peter is never wanting for sex partners. But he likes a man who knows how to submit and treat his ass like a pussy waiting to be seeded and bred. That is the mission Leo Bacchus is on. He presents himself to Sir Peter like a sacrificial lamb—tied up (don’t even ask us how he pulled that off on his own) and ready to service Sir Peter’s every whim. So be it. If that’s what Leo needs, to service all of Sir Peter’s sexual needs with his mouth and ass, then wish granted. What’s the harm so long as they keep the indiscretion between themselves?

Date: July 25, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Leo Bacchus / Sir Peter

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