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Helloojose & Jayden Woods: RAW for Chaosmen

Today’s RAW scene was rudely interrupted by some severe inclement weather at our studio location, so instead of cancelling, we decided to move the shoot into the showers. We think you’ll enjoy this refreshing change of scenery!We find Jayden Woods and Helloojose making out in the shower as the water cascades down their toned bodies. Jayden decides quickly that he wants that dick, kneeling down and taking Helloojose’s hard cock into his mouth as Helloojose pushes his head down deeper.

Jayden strokes his own cock as he continue to work on Helloojose’s, slobbering all over Helloojose’s dick as he throats it before making his way down to Helloojose’s balls.

The two swap places. Jayden places both hands on the back of Helloojose’s head and skull-fucks him, standing on his tippy-toes. Jayden turns around and places a foot on the wooden bench behind him, giving Helloojose direct access to his ass.

Helloojose kneels down and devours Jayden’s hole, licking and tongue-fucking as he prepares Jayden’s ass for his cock. Helloojose stands and Jayden backs up on to Helloojose’s dick as Helloojose picks up the pace. The two share a kiss as Helloojose pounds harder and deeper.

Jayden grabs a towel, places it on the bench, then lays on his back and Helloojose plunges back into his ass. Jayden strokes his own cock as Helloojose pounds his hole, grabbing Jayden’s leg for more leverage and leaning forward to add some of his spit to the mix.

Jayden works up a thick load, spraying it all over his stomach, frantically stroking his dick as Helloojose fucks him faster. Helloojose stands and feeds Jayden a thick nut as Jayden laps it up eagerly with his tongue.

Date: July 28, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Helloojose / Jayden Woods

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