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Lance Charger Takes Care Of Cole Blue & Marcus Rivers

Scoutmaster Lance Charger has had his eye on Cole Blue and Marcus Rivers for some time now. He thinks they have potential, but feels they spend far too much time thinking about their appearance and worrying about getting messy to be proper scouts. It’s time to teach them a lesson…

He gets them doing exercises, forcing them to get a bit grubby, and then, when they complain of being too hot, he orders them to strip off…

The mood instantly changes. The boys have become sexually aroused. Charger instantly ushers them into his tent… And that’s where the real fun begins.

The Scoutmaster kneels between the two naked boys and seductively runs his hands over their smooth, trembling bodies, firmly grabbing their rock hard dicks and jerking them hard.

He stands and feeds his hard tool into their eager mouths, but Scoutmaster Charger is impatient. He wants their smooth asses. He gets them to kneel down, arching their backs, and presenting their tight, puckered holes to him. He drops to his knees and uses his lips and mouth to get the boys wet and truly gagging for it.

He starts with Cole, slowly sinking his dick into the beautiful boy before pounding him within an inch of his life.

Charger then moves onto Marcus, who whimpers and bleats as his hole is utterly wrecked by the horny older man.

He returns to Cole, this time banging the boy on his back so he can look into his expressive face as he rides him. Cole can’t hold it in any longer. Bands of thick semen fly uncontrollably from his dick.

Charger pulls out and licks the residual semen from the head of Cole’s penis before sinking back into Marcus who he bangs hard and fast until his dick literally explodes. Deep in Marcus’ heaving stomach.

Date: August 9, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Cole Blue / Lance Charger / Marcus Rivers

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