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Emir Boscatto Drills Raw Sean Weiss

Sales Director Sean Weiss has been having some problems with Emir Boscatto, a member of his sales team. This is the third time Emir does not meet the deadline for submitting his monthly report

Sean walks over to Emir’s office and asks if everything is okay and Emir tells him that he is almost done. Sean is trying to understand what the issue is but is not getting the answer he is looking for. The salesman asks how he can fix it and Sean simply says by finishing the report.

Emir softly touches his boss’ thigh and tells him that he didn’t understand the premise of his last question. The hazel-eyed, muscular Argentinian stud has seduced Sean in the past and is hoping to use his sex appeal again as job insurance.

A seductive face, wet mouth, and big cock are hard to resist and it isn’t long before the two studs get down to business and enjoy some raw office sex!

Date: August 19, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Emir Boscatto / Sean Weiss

Muscle Bear Porn

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