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Sadistic Tyler Tanner Uses Liam Evans

Liam Evans has come to the dungeon today with a specific fantasy. He wants sexy twink Tyler Tanner to use and degrade him. Tyler has already stripped Liam naked and chained him face down on the fuck bench. He puts the gag ball in Liam’s mouth, leaves the room, and once he comes back in, the fantasy is in full play.

Tyler starts the degradation with some spitting. He shoots jets of saliva in Liam’s face and on the back of his neck. Liam cries out no, but this only eggs Tyler on.

Tyler’s hard cock rubs up against Liam’s naked ribcage, making both men even harder. Tyler spits into Liam’s butt crack and uses his fingers to rub the liquid in.

He then probes him with two fingers at first, then three. Liam cries out at the anal assault, which Tyler takes as encouragement to probe even harder and deeper. With the ball gag in place, it’s hard to tell if Liam is in pleasure or pain, but Tyler judges from Liam’s body language that he’s loving every second of it.

Tyler whispers in Liam’s ear: he wants to fuck both of his holes! Tyler removes the ball gag and replaces it with his ball sac! He jams his hard dick deep down Liam’s throat, thrusting powerfully until his dick is fully down Liam’s gullet! Liam protests, but Tyler isn’t listening. The only voice Tyler hears is that of his young twink cock crying out for more!

Tyler walks back around behind Liam and spits again into his captive’s pink asshole. Between the drippy blowjob, the globs of spit, and Tyler’s natural pre-cum, Liam’s hole is ready to be mounted.

Tyler pushes in hard and deep, showing no mercy! Liam gasps at the hard entry but the gasps quickly turn to moans. Tyler reaches up to grab Liam’s shoulders, pulling himself deeper into that crack! The pounding gets harder the more Liam protests!

Tyler has one final degradation planned. He pulls his cock from Liam’s ass and repositions it back in Liam’s face. He removes the gag and before Liam knows what is going on. He’s getting face-fucked by Tyler again, this time with the taste of his own hole all over Tyler’s throbbing pole.

Tyler whispers again: He’s going to shoot down Liam’s throat! Tyler grabs Liam’s head and slides his pulsing cock back and forth across Liam’s tonsils.

Tyler’s been the one in control all along, but at this point he lets loose, blasting load after creamy load down Liam’s hot throat. Liam swallows most of it, but there’s just so much! Tyler’s spent and ready to leave the dungeon. His spooge dripping from Liam’s mouth is the reward he wanted, and Liam got his degradation fantasy fulfilled!

Date: August 19, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Liam Evans / Tyler Tanner

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