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Boy For Sale Nathan James Bottoms For Legrand Wolf

The Boy Nathan was nervous as he entered the complex. His bow tie had been done up too tightly. It was making him anxious.

Master Wheeler led the boy into the dark bidding room and clicked his fingers. Nathan dutifully knelt on the padded table in front of him.

The bidding started and Wheeler began to run his hands seductively over the boy’s body.

Wheeler squirted oil from a silver canister onto the boy’s chest to enhance the muscles on his youthful body. Wheeler wanted to sell the boy for the highest possible price.

Master Wheeler spent some time putting the boy through his paces and bidding was remarkably swift. The winning buyer was Master Legrand. Nathan looked carefully into his new master’s eyes and immediately began to yield to him. The thought of pleasing a man who’d wanted him enough to part with unimaginable sums of money was intoxicating.

Like a good boy, he immediately started to work on the older man’s massive dick, kissing it lovingly through the fabric of his underpants before exposing it to the world. He soon had the beast in his mouth, sucking it like his young life depended on it.

Legrand lay down on the table and presented his dick to Nathan; it was enormous and it took every last breath of concentration and physical effort from the young boy to get it inching into him.

Legrand pushed the boy onto his back and told him to raise his legs before reinserting his monster into the boy’s trembling hole, picking up the pace and depth of his strokes until Nathan was screaming in desperate ecstasy.

The spunk suddenly burst out of Legrand’s giant tool, flying deep into Nathan’s now pulverized guts. Legrand shot big, thoroughly branding his new boy toy, feeling immensely pleased with his decadent purchase.

Date: August 30, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Jonah Wheeler / Legrand Wolf / Nathan James

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