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Scoutboy Colton Fox Bottoms For Jonah Wheeler Again

Colton and I are at it pretty much all the time. The boy is almost permanently erect and he’s started shooting me these wanton looks which I find impossible to ignore.

I love it when we get somewhere private and I can pull him into me and kiss him seductively as he wraps his legs around my body. My dick immediately starts to throb, usually pumping out enough pre-cum to leave a wet patch in my pants.

Then there’s the moment when we get lost in each other. His breathing changes. We both start to groan. I’ve usually got my fist wrapped around his rock hard cock by that stage.

He has an ass like a peach. The cheeks are round and smooth. I like to prep it with my tongue before going in with my fingers.

The boy gives remarkable head – just the right balance between suction and moisture. My dick glides into his throat, pulled in deeper by an invisible, magnetic force.

His hole fits my dick like a glove. It makes me want to breed him repeatedly. Every drop of spunk which doesn’t enter his guts is seed wasted.

I like to turn him over and stare into those innocent eyes as I make love to him.

I always cum hard. Colton tells me that he can always feel it exploding like a jet wash inside him. And as I hold him in my arms afterwards, I invariably feel like the luckiest man alive.

Date: August 30, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Colton Fox / Jonah Wheeler

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