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Legrand Wolf & Dolf Dietrich Fuck Fun Size Boy Austin Young

Dr. Legrand Wolf likes nothing more than to watch the boy Austin Young with other older men. He’s presently working with a nurse called Dolf Dietrich. Dolf is as impressively tall as Dr. Wolf and gets a similar kick out of banging younger, pint-sized boys.

Dr. Wolf introduces Dolf to Austin in a private room at his office. He told the nurse all about his outrageous experiments with ultra-sound and suggested that he and Austin might make a useful pair of subjects for his research. Dolf agrees willingly.

The doctor orders Austin to take off his clothes before calming the boy’s nerves by scooping him into his arms and kissing him passionately. By the time Austin’s underpants are down, he’s ready for anything.

Austin is instructed to sit down on a hospital bed while the doctor places his feet in stirrups. Dolf is then invited to drop his loose-fitting scrubs and approach.

The nurse casually lines his dick up with Austin’s hole and starts to push himself inside. His dick is thick. Austin shivers.

Once satisfied that everything is in order, the doctor switches his ultrasound equipment on. A screen by the bed lights up with a grainy image showing Austin’s bladder. The outline of Dolf’s thick member suddenly appears. It’s a fascinating sight, one which makes Dolf super-horny. Dr. Wolf continues to give orders; he’s on a quest to record the clearest and most arresting internal footage yet.

Dolf quickens the pace as the waves of lustful excitement start to engulf him. Austin’s body is now humming with sexual excitement.

Dr. Wolf asks Dolf if he’s up for shooting his load inside the boy to discover if the ejaculate can be seen on screen. Dolf is excited by the thought and thrusts with increasing force. He suddenly feels the semen rising so stops dead and allows the cum to explode out of him. Grainy white clouds instantly form around the tip of his dick on the screen. It is beautiful and highly valuable footage.

Date: September 14, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Austin Young / Dolf Dietrich / Legrand Wolf

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