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Kosta Viking Fucks Paco Rabo

Kosta Viking and Paco Rabo are both Italian, and because of that they have a natural affection for one another while hanging in Puerto Vallarta on the Lucas Entertainment set. It didn’t take long for them to land in a scene together, and they have a lot of fun. Kosta Viking has his long blond curls, chiseled features, and trim body. And Paco Rabo has his dark charcoal hair and strong muscles. So seeing Kosta take control of Paco’s body and make love to it is an awesome sight to see. Kosta Viking gets balls deep inside Paco when he’s fucking him—balls deep until he works up a load!

Date: September 15, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Kosta Viking / Paco Rabo

Muscle Bear Porn

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