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Trent Marx, Amone Bane, Jack Bailey, Tony Genius & Michael Seraph

Jack Bailey, the last student to leave the classroom, grabs his backpack and is about to head out the door when one of the school’s football players, Tony Genius, comes in and asks Jack for tutoring. Tony says that his grades have reached a point where if he doesn’t get a B+ he’ll be held back a year, and there’s NO WAY that can happen.

While Jack is enthralled by Tony’s muscles, he explains that, unfortunately, at the moment he’s too busy. It’s nearing final exam time, so he’s had more tutoring requests than usual, and has to take them first-come-first-served. Tony, having caught Jack looking at his muscles and knowing that he’s gay, decides to try and use this to his advantage. He tries stretching to show off his abs while putting a hand on Jack’s shoulder, desperately adding that he’ll let Jack suck his dick if he helps out.

This is a dream come true for Jack, who milks the opportunity by saying that sounds good but he’s VERY busy, so he wants more than just sucking dick…Soon enough, they are passionately fucking in the classroom but Jack’s shocked when Tony’s jock friends show up unannounced, also wanting help. Once Tony invites them to join, Jack’s over the moon! It looks like Jack’s in for a loooong weekend of tutoring.

Date: November 9, 2022

Muscle Bear Porn

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