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Legrand Wolf Barebacks Serg Shepard

Serg had heard about Dr. Wolf from a friend of his. In fact, his friend couldn’t stop raving about this “hot doctor” that was allegedly very thorough when it came to check-ups on his patients. Serg got in touch with Dr. Wolf’s office and made an appointment for a physical.

Serg was jittery with excitement, as he waited in the exam room, he heard a light knock, and in walked a towering lumberjack of a man. Dr. Wolf was everything Serg’s friend had described him as, and even sexier than he was imagining from the description.

Dr. Wolf asked the boy to take off his shirt and get back on the table. Serg complied, trying to play everything as cool as possible, an effusive smile on his face the whole time. When the hulking doctor came and stood next to him to check his heartbeat, Serg’s hands went to grip both sides of the table.

Dr. Wolf’s bulge pressed against Serg’s knuckles as the doctor let his stethoscope roam the muscular boy’s back, his hands exploring his chiseled bare chest. Almost unconsciously, Serg let his fingers move slowly up and down the doctor’s bulge.

Soon enough, the doctor was sliding in and out of Serg’s hole at a slow and steady pace. Serg moaned in pleasure with each thrust as Dr. Wolf quietly grunted and was equally pleasured by the boy’s tight yet insatiable hole. Dr. Wolf’s grunts became louder and a little ragged as he reached his peak, blowing deep inside the small boy’s hole. Serg couldn’t believe this had all just happened, but his filled hole was all the proof he needed to know that it did.

Date: November 25, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Legrand Wolf / Serg Shepard

Muscle Bear Porn

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