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Dolf Dietrich Barebacks Jax Thirio At Gaycest

When Dolf opened the front door to let Jax inside, he could see the slight trepidation on his younger brother’s face. He gave Jax a big, warm smile; and with it, a mutual, unspoken sense of relief that everything was going to be figured out.

The brothers had the house all to themselves. Dolf led Jax to his bedroom and shut the door behind him. Then, an old tingle of excitement began to rise in Jax.

Jax couldn’t help but flash a wide grin. “I remember when you and I would mess around.”

“Oh yeah. I remember.” Dolf replied slyly. He paused once again to admire his younger brother’s fit, chiseled body. Then he took Jax by the belt buckle and pulled him close. The old excitement and electricity came rushing immediately back to them both.

As the brothers hurriedly, excitedly pulled one another’s clothes off, Jax felt himself slip back into the old role for him—an unspoken understanding that he would follow Dolf’s lead. Jax always wanted to please his older brother, especially when they were younger. And he felt that old thrill again all these years later, allowing himself to be taken wherever and however Dolf wanted to go. And it was very clear to Jax that Dolf really wanted to go at it!

Date: January 12, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Dolf Dietrich / Jax Thirio

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