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Ethan Tate & Zayne Bright – Encounter 2

Zayne Bright is a fucking hot slave. Just standing there hanging by his bonds to the ceiling. Waiting for his master Ethan Tate to come dominate him at will. The sound and tone of dominant twink Ethan Tate makes submissive hottie Zayne Keaton shiver uncontrollably. Zayne’s eyelids flutter and he emits a hiss through the heavy-duty tape tightly covering his mouth as Ethan sharply slaps the skinny twink in the ass.

One thing for certain that Zayne is quickly learning is that his new master Ethan loves to touch, fondle and use his hungry mouth all over his body. Ethan has no shame either, as he takes his time feeling up his slave’s chest and abs. The serious dom-master would never admit this out loud, but he is obsessed with Zayne’s body and he suddenly slaps the bound twink’s ass again for good measure!

Ethan decides that he must show his ornery sex slave just exactly where his mouth is going to ravish him next. Zayne jerks his head around and his master walks behind him and drops to his knees. Ethan buries his dripping wet tongue as deep into Zayne’s fuck tunnel as it can go. Zayne’s nearly hysterical moans of intense erotic pleasure mixed with disbelief get louder and louder.

Once Zayne is good and moist, Ethan whips out his giant, mammoth fuck-club and sinks it slowly but steadily inch by inch into his fuck slave’s skinny, impossibly-tight ass. Both master and slave moan loudly in unison. Zayne’s eyes roll back in their sockets as Ethan pounds the royal fuck right out of his quivering bottom-boy bitch slave.

Ethan’s scorchingly hot lust suddenly takes hold and he grabs onto his slave’s leather collar and launches one of the deepest, most powerful cumshots he’s ever blasted deep into his ass. And Ethan’s hot, juicy load gets squelched out and then carnally pushed back in by his still raging hard, pulsating cock.

Date: January 26, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Ethan Tate / Zayne Bright

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