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Boy For Sale Ethan Tate Serves Cain Marko

The boy Ethan proved to be quite the commodity, yielding a hefty price at auction from bidder Master Marko. The beefy, older man was eager to try out his purchase more fully from the privacy of his hotel suite. He beckons for Ethan to come towards him with a sharp gesture and Ethan obediently crawls on all fours. The boy’s smooth, perky butt wiggles from side to side, framed by his black jockstrap.

As Ethan reaches Master Marko, the two kiss deeply. The muscular man paws at Ethan’s ass and uses his fingers to probe between the boy’s cheeks. Marko stands up to remove his clothing and the subservient boy, guided by nature, assists his new master by sliding his fingers in the waistband and sliding the trousers off. Ethan trails his fingers across his Master’s briefs. Observing this, the wealthy man feels pleased with his investment in such a well-disciplined servant.

With shirt off and pants around his ankles, the barrel-chested Marko watches as Ethan reveals the Master’s slowly swelling cock covered with a fiery bush at the base. Ethan takes hold of the meat and brings it to his mouth. He could feel Master Marko’s dick throb against his throat. The boy loves providing his services—the obedience, the giving of pleasure, and being the paid property of a powerful man—all of it thrilled him in return…

Date: February 9, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Cain Marko / Ethan Tate

Muscle Bear Porn

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