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Mason Lear Bangs Maxx Monroe

One quiet afternoon, I walked in on Maxx as he was working out. I didn’t so much as “randomly” walk in, but had already heard his muted grunts-of-effort from outside the room door. I pulled my old jock out from my back pocket and asked him to try it on. He acquiesced immediately, and dropped his sweats right there in front of me, and put on his dad’s old jock.

My intuition was, as always, spot on with my boy; he filled the jock out perfectly. I noticed the fabric began to stretch a bit, my son’s cock swelling up at his dad’s touch. I teased a bit, letting my finger run along it through the fabric.

I needed to be back inside him. I stood up and pointed my stiff meat right at his puckered hole. Tight as he was, he invited my meat in with ease and a groan. Soon I was balls-deep and pounding him up against the wall. I had him get on all fours on the floor.

I re-entered him from behind, grabbing him by the strap of his jock to steady myself. I was going in even deeper now. The both of us grunting and groaning in mutual pleasure. I could feel my balls begin to build to orgasm, I had cum inside him plenty, this time I decided to paint his cheeks with my nut. I slid back in and rested on his back. My boy had milked another good load out of his dad.

Date: February 9, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Mason Lear / Maxx Monroe

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