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TwinkTop Michel Flex Tops Dillon Stone

I can’t get enough of young Michael. He’s the best player I’ve coached for many years and he’s recently become one of my best ever lovers. He’s the full package; he’s got a great body and an amazing dick, he’s constantly horny, and to cap it all off, he’s not afraid to experiment. He’s basically into everything!

I invited him back to my office this afternoon and we were making out within seconds.

I soon had his dick in my mouth and halfway down my throat. He also gives pretty good head himself. If he weren’t such a brilliant top, I’d probably want to swap roles with him!

He was so hopped up to get going this afternoon that he shoved it in without warning! I had to get him to stop for a moment to catch my breath. I squatted over the couch and allowed him to pummel me with the speed and force his body was calling for.

I got onto my back. Michael continued thrusting like a jackhammer, plainly desperate to nut. It’s hard to explain quite how good he feels inside me. He fucks relentlessly and ruthlessly, often simply gritting his teeth, rolling his eyes to heaven and doing whatever he needs to do to gain maximum pleasure for himself.

Date: February 28, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Dillon Stone / Michel Flex

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