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Dolf Dietrich Bangs Fun Size Boy Eric Charming

Eric had only been soaking in the rays for a few minutes when a shadow fell over his closed eyelids. He looked up and saw that his neighbor, Dolf, was the culprit. Eric wasn’t too put off, though; his neighbor was not only extremely tall and completely ripped, but hung like a thoroughbred as well. Eric had always loved seeing him from afar. And today, up close, Dolf was wearing little more than a skimpy speedo, a huge grin, and a huge hard-on nearly bursting through the fabric of his bulge.

As Eric gaped at Dolf’s incredible physique and perfect musculature, the older gentleman grinned and pulled his speedo off. At this point, why not? If anyone came around, he could easily just pull a towel over himself.

Dolf laid back and swung his huge horse cock around. Eric was transfixed and speechless, but in a lustful daze, he found himself on his knees and somehow, miraculously, able to take the giant man’s cock almost all the way into his mouth in one hungry swallow.

Dolf yanked Eric’s tiny swimming suit off and massaged his perfect bubble butt with his huge dinner plate sized hands. This time it was Eric’s turn to moan, as he was quickly turned around and before he could say anything, Dolf’s long, thick, juicy tongue was buried deep inside his tight, pink hole…

Date: March 8, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Dolf Dietrich / Eric Charming

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