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Tyler Tanner Dominates Andrew Bolt For The 2nd Time

Sadistic twink top Tyler Tanner has Andrew Bolt’s body as bound in its leather straps as he has the boy’s mind bound in lust. It’s been a few months since Tyler threw the timid brunette over his fuck bench, and he’s expected, ever since, that the little bottom would come crawling back for more. They always do.

Which is why Andrew found himself, yet again, with duct tape over his mouth, a leather collar around his neck, and the jingle of metal locks rattling at his wrists. There wasn’t any fear when Tyler ripped the tape off and shoved his fingers in Andrew’s mouth—instead, there was submissiveness, acceptance, and yielding towards what was to come.

And what was to come was complete control of his body given to his master. Tyler’s free reign led him to smothering Andrew’s mouth, nipples, and eventually, his jock-strap framed, spread ass cheeks with his tongue. Tyler reapplied the duct tape over Andrew’s mouth and rimmed the bound twink without hesitation or permission.

Satisfied with the taste of Andrew’s hole, the master twink gave his bound bottom a few slaps to his cheeks—just enough color to leave a mark, just enough sting to let him know what was coming next. Tyler tugged at the restraints to ensure their tautness, then rose to his feet behind his captive. He guided the head of his member between Andrew’s cheeks and pushed into his slicked up, needy hole.

And in this moment, if there was ever doubt in Andrew’s mind as to why he came back to Tyler’s dungeon, it was destroyed by the piston of Tyler’s hips. He was speared by a rod of far larger length than he had ever considered taking before, by a boy of devastating beauty, and in a way that reduced him to empty thoughts of anything except wanting more. Tyler filled his thoughts in the same way he filled Andrew’s hole: repeatedly, and without mercy.

Date: March 8, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Andrew Bolt / Tyler Tanner

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