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Johnny Ford Fucks the Demon Out of Brock Kniles

After reading from an ancient book of the dead, Johnny Ford accidently unleashes a demon that takes possession of his friend and roommate Brock Kniles. Johnny is able to take Brock down and tie him in bondage to figure out how to save him. The demon claims if it is satisfied it will leave Brock’s body. Johnny is ready to do whatever it takes, so he starts with dishing out pain. With the demon bound to a chair, Johnny hits it with shocks from the zapper over and over. He moves onto a flogger and after a series of hard smacks, the demon seems to fade away. But it tricks Johnny into untying it and almost escapes. Johnny increases the intensity of the bondage by tying the demon to a ladder. He continues to try pain through flogging and cropping to get rid of the demon, but nothing seems to be working. Desperate, he decides to fuck the demon out of Brock. Johnny grabs a dildo and goes to work on Brock’s possessed ass, but it isn’t quite enough. Next, the demon is tied down to a table and Johnny starts with a device that allows him to shock Brock with just a touch of his fingers. After some more torment, Johnny grabs a thick dildo and stretches his friend’s ass in the hopes that the demon will be released. Determined to save his friend, Johnny ties Brock one last time bent over on a spanking bench and fucks the demon with his massive cock. After shooting his load on Brock’s ass and fucking it back into his friend, it would appear as though Johnny saved his friend…or did he?!

Date: April 30, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Brock Kniles / Johnny Ford

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