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Marcus Ashton & Justin Host Do It Raw

Uber cute Latino twink Justin Host is lying back on the bed enjoying his newest book when his boyfriend Marcus Ashton comes in and sits down on the bed. Marcus has some stiff muscles after his morning workout, and Justin offers to give him a massage. Justin gets up on his knees behind Marcus and starts kneading Marcus’ tense shoulders. Justin unbuttons Marcus’ shirt, revealing his perfectly sculpted pecs and washboard abs.

The shirt comes all the way off, and the initial backrub quickly escalates into something more intimate as Marcus spins around and starts kissing Justin, helping him to remove his shirt as well. Justin isn’t quite as muscular as Marcus, but he is still perfectly built with a tight, sinewy and smooth torso like a swimmer would have. They kiss and grope each other for a few minutes, then Justin pulls down Marcus’ pants revealing a growing bulge in Marcus’ sexy underwear. Justin wastes no time pulling the pants all the way off, then pulls down Marcus’ underwear revealing a thick, uncut, hard cock.

Justin immediately goes to work licking, sucking, and jacking on Marcus’ steel-hard shaft. Marcus has totally forgotten about his sore shoulders, as he enjoys the expert blowjob that he’s getting from his lover. Justin wants in on the action and pauses the blowjob to get up and remove his pants. Then Marcus pulls down Justin’s underwear and reciprocates the blowjob on his partner’s growing pole. After a few minutes of this, Marcus is ready for the main event; he lies back on the bed as Justin straddles him and guides his thick sausage into Justin’s tight flesh tunnel. They then switch positions, lying on their sides with Marcus in back, as Marcus reinserts his cock and resumes fucking. Marcus wants to plow Justin even deeper, so he repositions Jeremy on his back, with his legs in the air and his ass propped up on a pillow, for the perfect angle.

Marcus likes this position the best, and really goes to town fucking his eager lover as Justin groans with pleasure at each thrust. Marcus reaches the point of no return and pulls out just in time to unload his hot spunk all over Justin’s chest and hard nipple. This was all that Justin needed to go over the edge, and he jacks fast and furious as he squirts several loads of creamy jizz all over his abdomen. Totally spent, our studs lie down next to each other kissing and caressing, as our scene fades to black.

Date: May 17, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Justin Host / Marcus Ashton

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