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Marcus Rivers Bottoms For Tucker Barrett – Gaycest

We spent the rest of the morning talking through our feelings and my daddy reassured me with all his might that he would never hurt me. That I am the only boy in the whole world that he wants and needs. That was all I needed to hear. My heart opened again to my daddy—and my never satisfied boy-hole, too!

So my daddy put his tongue inside my butt for a really, really long time, but it was awesome! And it was even better when daddy spit on his weiner, which was bobbing up and down. He grabbed it with his hand and just pushed it into me real quick while it was still slippery.

While my daddy’s cockhead pushed and pulsated and touched my hot-spot deep inside, I sang to the sex gods. I thanked them for giving my daddy the biggest cock of any daddy! Needless to say, I don’t want another daddy, either—and I want to be the only one for my daddy.

All I could think about while my he rimmed, then fucked me, is that all of my best dreams and all of my wet dreams were actually coming true. And as my daddy moaned very loudly into my hole while he got it juicy and wet, I kept rolling my head back and crying my his name out. And I was certainly beyond caring at that point if the neighbors heard us…!

Date: May 24, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Marcus Rivers / Tucker Barrett

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