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Kyler Gets Reamed

Kyler Throb’s a hot regular guy, solidly built with a friendly dad bod. But don’t be fooled. He loves cock like nobody’s business, especially the giant prong sticking straight out from Jamie’s smooth tattooed crotch. Jamie’s the slim little guy with the massive Olympic-sized cock, He’s rightly become a favorite for his easy but mighty sexual prowess. They’re both in luminous acid green, and more than ready to tear off their clothes and get straight down to business. When Kyler first gets a feel of Jamie’s XXL endowment, he groans “Wow, that’s a big cock!”, not afraid but looking forward to getting that giant tool into his hungry butthole. Kyler’s a well-hung guy himself, but can’t help holding his cock against Jamie’s to admire its girth and size. He gets that trophy dick into his mouth and gamely swallows it to the pubes without gagging. Kyler’s a regular guy who knows his way around dicks.

And Kyler finds more to worship about our hot mulleted Canadian. When he kneels behind Jamie, he licks his crack and fastens his mouth to Jamie’s hole like it’s his last meal. And for a top Jamie’s into every suck. The director remarks “Who’s the top now?” as Jamie gets off on getting his hole so well eaten out. But Kyler wants to take his place under and in front of Jamie’s XXL cock, so he’s not spending any effort trying to play top in this hookup. Jamie slides a few fingers into Kyler’s juicy open asshole and the “regular guy” pops up on hands and knees with ass aimed at Jamie’s crotch. When Jamie plows in Kyler tries to crane his neck around and kiss the horny young stud, but gets pushed right down to the bed. Jamie’s into this fuck and wants to give Kyler all the dick he can take. He slams in hard and fast, grabbing Kyler’s hairy chest as he pummels that hot hole. He rocks Kyler back and practically splits him in two with his mighty ass-rammer. Kyler reaches down to start beating off, knowing it’s too good to try to hold back. Cum sprays out like a geyser, and Kyler’s not done. He wants Jamie’s load in his face and mouth, nuzzling Jamie’s nuts against his head. Jamie milks out a creamy wad that drenches Kyler from chin to eyebrows, with enough aimed into his mouth to keep him satisfied, remembering this first-class fuck for a LONG time.

Date: May 31, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Kyler Throb

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