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Colton Fox, Landon Davis & Greg McKeon – ScoutBoys

Landon, Colton and I met up in my tent while the rest of the Scouts were on a night-time hike. We knelt in a cluster, facing inwards, and I told them to undo their belts and remove their pants.

I pulled Colton’s hand towards my dick and he started to tug at it. Seconds later, Landon reached out and followed suit, gently massaging it with his inquisitive hands until it was hard as iron.

I stood up and pushed my dick into Landon’s soft mouth and before long, Colton was also hungrily sucking and slurping on my dick. We were soon pretty-much naked, panting and groaning expectantly while our dicks danced, dripped and flickered with anticipation.

I got them to kneel in front of me, presenting their asses like enticing trophies. The boys were soon kissing, which I very much enjoyed watching as I went from one to the other, prepping their tingling holes with my tongue, wondering which to penetrate first.

In the end, Landon won the race. I knelt behind him and pushed my dick all the way into his guts. He squirmed a little but took all nine inches with great bravery, and I was soon thrusting in and out of him with considerable energy.

I pulled out and immediately thrust myself into Colton whose ass muscles gripped my cock like an industrial clamp. That boy certainly knows how to take dick.

I dropped my big load into Landon. The semen flew out of my dick like it had been fueled by a jet engine. Moments later, Colton exploded with giant ribbons of the sticky stuff sailing onto his stomach and chest.

Date: September 19, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Colton Fox / Greg McKeon / Landon Davis

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